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ACNPROG – a best in class programmer for ARM chips featuring a TAG-Connect interface.



aconno’s ACNPROG is the perfect small programmer for our Bluetooth Smart modules and other ARM chips featuring a Tag-Connect interface.

We make the programming process simple, efficient, and fast. 

Based on the open source & open hardware project CMSIS-DAP, the ACNPROG offers a vendor independent debug interface for ARM 32-bit Cortex microcontrollers over the JTAG / SWD interface. It allows you to use debugging functions like stepping, breakpoints, watch points to get rid of bugs in your firmware faster, smarter and simpler than ever before. Further on, powered by its 48 MHz processor, it allows you to program your devices in no time, either by using drag & drop or directly through your programming software. Speaking of which, the ACNPROG is supported by a variety of popular software as Keil, OpenOCD, GNU GDB, iAR and the mbed online compiler.

Get started today using the ACNPROG. Go create – the future can’t wait. 




ACNPROG programmer

ACNPROG programmer


Tag Connect interface



  • Programming made easy – featuring a standard Tag-Connect connector and a USB interface.
  • Powerful NXP microcontroller with 48 MHz clock rate
  • Full debug support for ARM Cortex based microcontrollers
  • Programming through drag & drop or directly by your IDE
  • Available in several funky neon colors ( boring gray coming soon… not 😉 )
  • Quality Made in Germany



Wanna get your hands dirty? Go and get the DAPlink source files: mbed DAPlink source

Your solder iron is already warmed up? The stuff you need is right here: Schematics, Layout of the top side, Layout of the bottom side

In Germany we have a saying >>Keil ist geil<< so here is how to set it up with our programmer: short pictured how-to

You dont like dragging and dropping and stuff, here are the command line tools: OSXWindows 64Windows 32



aconno ACD52832 Development Board

aconno ACD52832 Development Board

ACN52832 Bluetooth module

ACN52832 Bluetooth module