Smart Parking

aconno labs – showcasing the endless possibilities

YES, we like playing and fiddling and bringing up new use cases based on our Sensor Beacon portfolio. Today it’s a short clip from the aconno labs on smart parking: using our acnRANGE beacon to identify free parking spaces. In the app you can see if the parking is full or empty – or actually in what status the car is. In the app, the car driving out does not seem smooth – this is because we don’t measure all the time. Remember – we are battery powered!

Interview with Embedded Computing Design

Development for IoT made easy

2019-02, Nürnberg, Embedded World 2019
Listen to our Sales and marketing leader talking about the latest aconno portfolio and giving a heads-up on new NB IoT development board featuring a global NB IoT module and a range of development shields providing functional extensions from fingerprint sensors via NFC to inductive charging. With this kit, NB IoT developments will become super easy. Stay tuned for the official release.

“Will it break?” with Thomas Geisel (Major of Düsseldorf)

VIP quality testing of the acnSENSA Beacon

2019-02, Düsseldorf, Digital Demo Day
We had the pleasure of our City major Thomas Geisel visiting the aconno booth and testing our product. Despite he tried hard, he could not break the acnSENSA – but no wonder, he’s known for getting things done, not for breaking them.

aconno @ Digital Demo Day

Showcasing aconno’s latest product portfolio

2019-02, Düsseldorf, Digital Demo Day
Oups we did it again. We were presenting aconno and our products for the third time during Digital Demo Day in Düsseldorf – each year on a growing and better event, doing better contacts and deals. We will be back in 2020!

“Will it break?” with Vladimir Klitschko

VIP quality testing of the acnSENSA Beacon

2018-11, Cologne, Digital 18 – Deutsche Telekom
We had the opportunity to present during the Digital 18 on “Try! Experiment! Do IT! – Product development in times of increased market uncertainty”. And guess who we met in the Backstage area? Dr. KO Vladimir Klitschko himself. Of course we had to ask him to step onto our acnSENSA beacon for a “Will it break” VIP test.
Well this round goes to aconno.

aconno and mdk agree a partnership to accelerate digital Innovation

aconno Sensors and Hardware becoming „ThingWorx ready“

Together we want to accelerate the route to success in implementing IoT solutions especially for small- and mid-sized companies „German Mittelstand“. By combining aconno‘s expertise around connected and smart sensors allows an easy and fast connection from the physical into the digital work – combined with the agile development capabilities and ThingWorx experience from mdk GmbH we can create projects with very fast returns. A joint starter-kit is currently under development. Talk to us for your special offer.

aconno and BeacoTec partner for digital Track & Tarce solutions

A simple digital solution for mobile assets and tools – combining the rugged acnBEACON with the BeacoTec backend

2019-02 Maintenance / Pump & Valve
Together with aconno beacons Beacotek is showing their mobile asset management solution during the Maintenance/ pump & valve.
You will see how easy asset management and localization can be, by combining aconno‘s expertise around connected and smart sensors together with the BeacoTec solution. This way track and trace solutions become easier and more fun.

Remote monitoring of industrial machines and processes

Replay – Webinar with MDK (German only)

2019-02 The Internet, Webinar
Together with MDK GmbH we gave a webinar on how we can remotely monitor and manage industrial machines and processes – combining sensors and gateways from aconno together with the agile implementation of ThingWorx by MDK GmbH.