Is mbed compiling locally possible?

January 16, 2019 |

Yes, possible.

Use their manual to install the mbed-cli: (

Then set:

         mbed config -G <name> <value>

         Use for example in linux: mbed config -G GCC_ARM_PATH “/usr/bin”

         -G flag makes settings global

Use that command to:

          GCC_ARM_PATH <depending on OS, look in the link above>


          TARGET NRF52_DK

In the end check with

          mbed config -L

Clone repos with

          mbed clone <address>

Compile with

          mbed compile

If there is a error with the libs and you get prompted to use “mbed deploy” and it does not work, try to delete all folders which have a *.lib with the same name. Then run “mbed deploy”.